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North Rhine-Westphalia is thrilling. Nowhere else in Germany are industrial and rural regions so close to each other. There is hardly any other region on earth with a similar concentration of museums, theatres, opera houses and concert halls. Discover the "diversity state".

When you hear North Rhine-Westphalia, you think of Cologne Cathedral, a major landmark in Germany. And of the ‘cathedrals of industry’ such as Zollverein, a colliery turned World Heritage site. Another feature of North Rhine-Westphalia: the many universities. No other region has such a large concentration of higher education facilities. We live with culture, and we are sometimes compared – quite rightly – with big international metropolitan centres. Our research establishments are of world renown


Thinking of North Rhine-Westphalia also means thinking of the big rivers. Of the grassland, the forests, the lakes that stretch between the Eifel hills and the Teutoburg Forest range. The land along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers is built on labour and work. It is also ideal for rest and recreation. The history of the Federal Republic of Germany would not be complete without North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Bonn. The same goes for the history of Europe. As a state in the European heartland, we fully embrace the idea of a united Europe of free peoples.

Whilst our state has a rich history, it is also well positioned for the future. On an international scale, we are amongst the strongest economies, thanks to innovating enterprises and a broad-based small and medium business sector. Come and discover the Diversity State!




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