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Economy in North Rhine-Westphalia

Among Europe’s metropolitan regions, North Rhine-Westphalia has one of the most powerful economies. Were it an independent country, it would be a world leader in terms of exports. The state is also a national leader. North Rhine-Westphalia has always been Germany’s powerhouse. Photo: Tourismus NRW / O. Franke

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North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany’s No. 1 industrial region. Our livelihood depends on industry. Industry sustains and drives forward research, growth and wealth in our state. Of Germany’s top 100 corporations, 37 are based in North Rhine-Westphalia. We are home to the global players.

At the same time, NRW is not only the home of large companies; it also hosts a significant small and medium business sector. SME account for 99 per cent of business enterprises, 70 per cent of employees and over 80 per cent of employees. Small and medium-sized enterprises is the pillar on which our economy rests. If you think you can only become a market leader if you are based in New York or Tokyo, come to North Rhine-Westphalia and think again. Hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses are daily proof that North Rhine-Westphalia is an SME powerhouse.




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